Dr Willem Landman

Head of Division, Waitemata DHB, Specialty Medicine & Health of Older People   

Willem Landman qualified and worked as a doctor in South Africa. He came to work in New Zealand for a year on his way to the UK in 1998 and discovered a life and people he only dreamed of. He never made it to the UK.

After specialising in Emergency Medicine in Auckland he further developed his passion for growing other’s strengths through teaching positions at both the University of Auckland and the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine. During his years of teaching he learned that people learn and change more from their interactions within their work environment than they do in a classroom or behind a book. This discovery led him to leadership and management roles, firstly as the Clinical Director for North Shore and Waitakere Emergency Departments, and then as the Head of Division for Speciality Medicine and Health of Older People at Waitematā District Health Board. 

He holds a passion for the care of older people and was a founding member of the ACEM Geriatric Emergency Medicine special interest group. He also holds special interests in leadership and change management, system architecture, clinical governance and positive psychology.

He is motivated by the desire to build healthcare teams to achieve the best that they can by getting the most out of themselves, each other, and the resources that they have. He believes that when we do our best to enable others we are gifted with developing and enabling ourselves.

With emergency departments across New Zealand at breaking point, the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine has called on the Minister of Health to act across the healthcare continuum to help acute patients, with one of his recommendations being investment in more aged residential care (ARC) beds. Of the 40,000 beds in ARC around 40% of these provide hospital level care, at a significantly less cost than the overall cost of receiving care in a public hospital, and with residents’ remaining in a familiar environment. If appropriately medically supported ARC can be a moat that can both prevent some unwell elderly entering DHB hospitals and provide a haven for recouperation on discharge.  With both hospitals and ambulance services experiencing unprecedented demand, it is imperative the Government recognise the value of ARC services.

Dr Willem Landman is a highly regarded expert in the field of emergency medicine and holds a special interest in the care for older people. He will provide his insight on the state of the health system and how the value of ARC’s contribution can and must be recognised.

Wednesday, 24 August 1.30pm

The role of ARC in preventing emergency department overload. 


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