Dr Suze Wilson

Dr Suze Wilson is a leadership scholar and senior lecturer at Massey University, where she teaches EMBA and MBA students about leadership, teamwork and other people-related topics. Her multi-disciplinary research explores new ways of understanding and practising leadership that are better suited to meet the challenges of a 21st century context.

Suze has an extensive practitioner background prior to completing her PhD 2013, having held senior leadership roles in organisations such as NZ Post and SSC and she still works as an executive coach. She is the author or editor of 3 books on leadership, has published multiple articles about leadership in academic, business and media outlets and presents regularly to both domestic and international business and academic audiences.


Panel Session: Leadership in a Pandemic

Dr Suze Wilson, Dr Frances Hughes, and Dan Ormond
Tuesday, 17 November 11.10am

The panel session will explore the leadership practices shown by the Government and by the aged care industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. The leadership approach and practices in the response to COVID-19 have been praised internationally. New Zealander’s have shown a shared sense of purpose to eliminate the virus. Key leadership practices comprise the government’s willingness to be led by expertise, its efforts to mobilise the population, and to enable coping.

The Aged Care Association also showed visible leadership establishing a regular mainstream media presence to put aged residential care centre stage. The Associations’ Nursing Leadership Group formulated the polices that led the response, moving ahead of the Ministry of Health and establishing a collaborative approach to setting policy.

How did these leadership practices operate, what was most effective and what can be learnt for future pandemics?

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