Dr Scott Pearson

Emergency Medicine Specialist

Scott has worked as a specialist in Emergency Medicine for 25 years; in Australia and the United Kingdom and for the last 20 years at Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department (ED). He was a former Clinical Director of the Emergency Department. During this time Scott has seen huge changes in the types of problems that people attend ED for.

With our ageing population there has been increasing numbers of older adults, often with complex medical problems. This has changed the nature of Emergency Departments.

Scott has developed an interest in care of older adults in Emergency Departments and Co-Chairs the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Network for the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine. He is actively involved in research. Scott also likes to keep fit and has been known to run the odd marathon 

Keynote Presentation:  

The role of ARC in preventing emergency department overload

Wednesday, 2 March 9.00am

Dr Pearson is a highly regarded expert in the field of emergency medicine and will provide his insight on the state of the health system and how the value of ARC’s contribution can and must be recognised.


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