Scott Herschberger

Workshop Session 5: Contactless Services in Aged Care
Tuesday, 17 November 3.30pm


Scott Herschberger is the National Manager of Health Metrics New Zealand. He is an advocate for the use of smart technologies in New Zealand’s Health and Social Care ecosystems, and how these technologies impact the future of work. American by birth and Kiwi by volition, Scott has become a fixture of New Zealand’s Aged and Disability Support Communities. 

Scott will be presenting at this year’s conference on the Contactless Services in Aged Care. With the rise of Covid-19 the need for contactless service plans have become a necessity for those providing services in our Aged and Disability Support communities. This session will touch on how providers can utilise smart technologies to provide contactless services, facilitate zero contact workforce management and support clients emotional wellbeing in times of isolation.  

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