Stephanie Winson

Stephanie Winson

Assistant Ombudsman Systemic and Monitoring

In this role Stephanie leads teams responsible for undertaking systemic own-motion investigations and conducting OPCAT inspections on behalf of the Chief Ombudsman.

Stephanie has spent the majority of her 30-year career in legal, constitutional and regulatory roles. She started out as a criminal prosecutor and State Advocate in Namibia before becoming the Secretary (CEO) of the Namibian Parliament.

Since settling in New Zealand in 2001, Stephanie has practiced public, administrative and international law and has held senior management positions leading legal and regulatory policy

Concurrent session 4: Introduction to OPCAT and the Chief Ombudsman’s inspection programme

Thursday, 3 March 10.45am

The Chief Ombudsman monitors the treatment and conditions of people who reside in health and disability facilities, in situations where they are not free to live at will. This includes dementia and psychogeriatric units in aged care homes.

Monitoring such places helps to ensure that people who are deprived of their liberty are treated humanely, and their rights are respected and protected.

It also helps to ensure New Zealand adheres to international human rights standards.

In June 2018, the Minister of Justice made it explicit that the Chief Ombudsman is to monitor units within privately-run as well as public aged care facilities.

Inspections of parts of privately-run aged care facilities started from July 2021.

In this session, learn about the Operational Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT), the Chief Ombudsman’s OPCAT role, his expectations, and what is involved in assessing the treatment and conditions of ARC residents through the OPCAT human rights lens.


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