Bryce Edwards

Bryce Edwards: “The New Political Era”

Synopsis: The world is in great political flux at the moment. Important new trends are accelerating change, creating instability, and realigning politics everywhere. From Trump to Brexit to new forms of challenging inequalities, there is turmoil and change occurring in most countries. New Zealand has not been immune from many of these fluctuations, even though it’s been less pronounced here. In light of all these challenges and changes, this talk looks at the degree to which the New Zealand political landscape has changed in recent years, and what might be coming next.


Dr Bryce Edwards is a political commentator and academic at Victoria University of Wellington. He writes regularly for the New Zealand Herald on contemporary issues in politics, and appears in a variety of other media. His main areas of interest are in issues of New Zealand politics, public policy, and inequality.  As well as teaching in politics, he is a senior research associate at the Institute of Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. His current areas of research are about political power and democracy. Bryce has an enthusiasm for public engagement, debate, and critical thinking.

Bryce Edwards Dawn of a new era