Brad Olsen


Principal Economist and Director, Infometrics

Brad is a Principal Economist and Director at Infometrics and a leading economic commentator across New Zealand who focuses on getting useful information to businesses, decision makers, and the public. At present, he is focused on the economic effects of COVID-19 and the reimagination of the New Zealand economy, as jobs are lost, business practices change, and a “new” normal emerges. In March 2021, he was named 2020 Young Wellingtonian of the Year.

New Zealand’s economy has responded strongly since COVID-19 hit, with an impressive and sustained bounce in spending, investment, and hiring. Different sectors, regions, and groups have experienced an uneven recovery, and there remains uncertainty about the outlook for the future. COVID-19 still looms large as a threat, with new variants posing a challenge to our recovery path. As the world, and eventually New Zealand, reopens, a new way of doing business will emerge, with opportunities and challenges on the path ahead. New Zealand and other nations will also grapple to deal with the longer-term consequences of the pandemic, with changes to supply chains, and higher inflation, as emerging areas of focus.

Infometrics Principal Economist, Brad Olsen will outline the Infometrics economic outlook for the years ahead, how the economy has reacted to COVID-19, and what changes to keep an eye on.

Plenary Session: NZ Economy, a World View, Tuesday, 23 August, 4.00pm

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