Carmela Petagna

Carmela Petagna

Presentation: Enablers to strengthen a quality improvement culture in aged residential care
Time: Wednesday 11 September, 4.20 pm

Carmela is a senior portfolio manager at the Health Quality & Safety Commission (the Commission) and has been with the organisation for 7 years. She is responsible for leading and managing a number of national quality improvement programmes, each at varying stages of development and implementation.

With the Commission transitioning to a more sector-oriented model, Carmela oversees quality improvement programmes within the Community Improvement Team, focussed currently on the primary care and aged residential care sectors.

Her role has included managing the Commission’s national Pressure Injuries Prevention and Management programme, together with Reducing Harm from Falls and Medication Safety programmes.

Carmela works across the health and disability sector to build strong collaborative relationships and partnerships with:

She ensures the Commission’s programme teams work and partner with stakeholders to ensure projects are well integrated and can demonstrate improved patient care and outcomes.