11-13 September 2018
SKYCITY Convention Centre


NZACA Conference 2018: Embrace the new normal

11-13 September at the SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland

The aged residential care industry has been through significant changes over the last few years, particularly the last 12 months with the settlement of the pay equity case.

We have also faced changes to immigration policies affecting our ability to recruit and retain valuable migrant workers, along with more compliance creep through legislation such as implementation of the Food and Health and Safety Acts.

Such changes have been beyond the control of the industry but they have compounded our cost burdens making the environment in which our businesses operate even more challenging.

Many of our previous events have tackled the future, but Conference 2018 is about the here and now and how we embrace the current challenges facing us. How do we embrace the change and survive? What can the industry do to continue to operate in this environment and how can we influence this change?

We will bring together an array of speakers, both international and national, to discuss a range of topics around embracing the environment in which we now work. We will look at the change in focus of services provided, user pays options, care expectations of baby boomers, employment and staffing in light of pay equity and immigration changes, all cast under a slogan that we call, the ‘new normal’.

If you have any questions please contact the Conference Manager, Robyn Gray