The New Zealand Aged Care Association is proud to present our 2017 Conference

Trends and Challenges in an Ageing World


Aged care providers in New Zealand, like many in the developed world, are facing what could be labelled a ‘perfect storm’. Swirling together into the ‘perfect storm’ are the needs of older generations that if not dealt with may converge with serious effect. The rapid growth rate of the older population, their longevity, higher acuity and co-morbidities as well as workforce challenges and technological changes, need to be addressed as these trends and challenges start to accelerate. Industry and government need to take leadership of the trends and challenges facing us.

Conference 2017 will bring together a broad range of speakers from New Zealand and offshore to address the trends and challenges facing our industry and how we can position ourselves to respond.

Being an important time in the democratic process, just weeks out from a general election, we will also learn how political parties plan to work with us to counter these trends and challenges.

Join us in Rotorua at the Energy Events Centre where there will be a range of keynote speakers as well as the popular concurrent sessions where we’ll get down to the detail, and of course there will be plenty of time for the all-important networking that are characteristic of all our events.

We look forward to seeing you in Rotorua. 

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