Scott Herschberger

Scott Herschberger is the National Manager of Health Metrics New Zealand. He is an advocate for the use of smart technologies in New Zealand’s Health and Social Care ecosystems, and how these technologies impact the future of work. American by birth and Kiwi by volition, Scott has become a fixture of New Zealand’s Aged and Disability Support Communities. 

Workshop Session 5: Contactless Services in Aged Care

Wednesday, 18 November 1.15pm

There’s no question about it – COVID-19 has changed everything. In countries like New Zealand which experienced controlled case-numbers, the need for contactless services was made apparent over the course of both the first and second lockdown. In New Zealand’s Aged Care sector, understanding contactless services can mean the difference between complete disruption of your business and a better quality of life for your residents.

This session will review the need for contactless services in the age of Covid-19. Scott will outline how to identify your internal, external and client phasing services that can be facilitated with limited or zero-contact. He will also address how digital communication can facilitate contactless service and identify which of your daily activities can be shifted to contactless delivery. By the end of the session you will better understand technology's role in contactless services and implement your zero-contact plan at any alert level.


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